Logan's Collection

The whole collection

This is everything puzzle related that I own. I will go into detail about everything.




On the left is all of the stickers/tiles that I have gotten from Cubesmith. On the right is all of the stickers that I have gotten off on cubes. These are really peeled and I'm not sure why I kept them.


These are Some of the main "tools" that I use. Right: Some spray paint that I got from Ace Hardware. Middle-Back: CRC Silicone spray from Walmart. This can however doesn't dry for some reason. Please E-mail me if you know why. Right: Goo Gone from ACE Hardware. It gets rid of the sticky stuff after you take off stickers. Middle-Front: A pocket knife. I use it to sand down pieces.

Broken puzzles

These are my broken puzzles.
Top-Left: 25th Anniversary 3x3 Rubik's cube. The silver center snapped off.
Bottom-Left: 15 slider puzzle. It isn't really broken, I just lost one of the pieces.
Right: An M&M (candy) 3x3 Rubik's cube that my parents got for me in Las Vegas, NV. The core cracker so the centers keep coming off. The centers are popped in place. They aren't held in by rivets.

Custom Puzzles

These are my custom puzzles that I made. Left: It's a 3x3x5. It is extended and was made out of 2 store bought Rubik's cubes. Middle: It's a Fisher Cube. It was made from a store bought ->

Custom Puzzles (Scrambled)

Rubik's cube. Right: It's a cuboctahedron. It was made from a store bought Rubik's cube. I will be selling it on Ebay soon. Please E-mail me if you are interested.

New Puzzles

These are my newest puzzles. Left: It's a void cube. I got it off of Ebay. It turns fast but does not cut corners. The stickers are terrible but I will be replacing them ->

New Puzzles (Scrambled)

with stickers from Cubesmith soon. Right: It's a pyraminx. I also got it off of Ebay. It turns good but it is a knockoff I think. The stickers are sparkly and I will be replacing them soon.

Other Main Cubes

Left to Right. Bottom to Top: 2x2 = Eastsheen. Amazing cube! Fast. Cuts corners. 3x3 = DIY Type A. Cuts corners. Turns fast. Good cube. 4x4 = Eastcheen. Good Cube. Fast. ->

Other Main Cubes (Scrambled)

Doesn't cut corners much. 4x4 = Rubik's. Ok cube. Medium turning speed. Cuts corners a little. 5x5 = Rubik's. Good cube. Medium-Fast turning speed. A little clicky. Cuts corners. Locks up a lot.